Exam Information

We Host Certification Examinations

Certification examinations can be stressful.  Dan Dickinson, section Certification Chair, provides a few words to help address some of the more frequent questions and issues that arise prior to and during exam day.

First, and most important, visit the ASQ National website for information about certifications.  Go Here:  http://www.asq.org/certification/index.html

Additionally, here are a few quick points:

Exam Locations and Dates

The Indianapolis section hosts certification examinations four times per year on the first Saturdays of March, June, October, and December. Examinations are currently held at the University of Indianapolis on the south side of the city.  See a map of the campus here. Check your registration sheet for the exact building and room number.

Registration begins at 7:15 AM and continues until 8:00 AM. Exams begin promptly at 8:00 AM. Length of exams vary by type of examination.

Prior to Exam Day

1 – Register for Exams via the National Website.  No local registrations take place.  They ship lists and materials to us, and to you.

2 – The National Website Frequently Asked Questions addresses most of the questions Dan receives.  It helps to read them.  (Please, read them?)

3 – You receive specific testing information (location, materials, etc.) prior to the exam, once you are registered.

4 – Prepare for the exam.  The exam should be all about revealing what You Know.  Make sure you study, do some practice exams, trace (and drive) to the exam location before hand.  Be prepared, so you can relax, some.

That covers about 98% of the questions we get about exams.

Exam Day

A few salient points to remember:

1 – There are no cell phones allowed.

The proctors on site at the exam are not responsible for cell phones left with us. Please leave your cell phone in your car and do not bring them in the exam building.

2- Free parking is available in lots near the buildings where the examinations are held. Parking restrictions are generally not enforced on weekends. Use your discretion however, as we assume no responsibility.

3- There are no MP3 players allowed.

4 – There are no programmable, graphing calculators allowed.

5 – Only #2 pencils will be accepted.

6 – Answer all questions, even if you have to guess.

7 – There are no “breaks”, any time away from the exam is time you forfeit. Exams have set durations.

8 – Drinks and snacks are permissible in the examination rooms. Please remember to clean up your area after the exam.

9 – Write legibly for essay responses, someone has to read your thoughts!

10 – Proctors cannot answer any questions regarding content of exam questions or answers. Comment forms will be provided on request for you to contact ASQ national regarding thoughts you have for certain questions and answers.

11 – Proctors cannot provide numbers to call to see if you passed the exam. Pass or fail notices will be mailed in about two to three weeks, or you can check the National website for a more timely notice, usually within one week.

We hope this helps take a small measure of stress out of the process.

P.S.  The National Website Frequently Asked Questions addresses most of the questions Dan receives.  It helps to read them.  (Please, read them?)