Art Bender Scholarship Award Recipients

Fall 2015Michele CostantinoIndiana University South Bend
Spring 2015David TeepleIvy Tech Community College
Spring 2015Carolina LunaIndiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Spring 2015Dawn SchaferGrace College
Fall 2014Collin GoodinTrine University
Fall 2014Karly MyszakIndiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Fall 2014David BellIndiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Fall2011Emily WoodPurdue University
Fall 2011Mathew HynsonPurdue University
Fall 2011Jacob HollenbaughStudying Accounting at Indiana Wesleyan
Fall 2011Mark Pohl Studying Organizational Leadership (doctoral program) at Indiana Wesleyan
Spring 2011Matthew G HynsonStudying Engineering at Purdue University
Spring 2011Emily WoodStudying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University
Spring 2010Nicholas J. MillerStudying Engineering at Purdue University
Spring 2010Brenden E PonderStudying Bio-Chemistry at the University of Southern Indiana