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May 2015 IndyASQ Dinner Meeting – “Are You Struggling To Keep Up With The Demand?”

Eventbrite - May 2015 IndyASQ Dinner Meeting - “Are You Struggling To Keep Up With The Demand?”On a list of executive-related business issues, your biggest company concern for 2015 is filling the skills-gap and leveraging your talent. [Forbes.com, Feb.11, 2014]. Quit struggling with your demand. Your inability to attract, retain and develop talent will chock your talent pipeline. Demandis about how to better utilize your in-house talent as an “off-balance sheet” asset. If your company is running at a 70% capacity utilization rate, it has room to increase production up to 100% rate without increasing costs. Correct? You can achieve the same capacity utilization rate with talent.

Key Points You Will Learn:

  • How to shrink the widening skills gap for a sustainable pipeline of talent.
  • How to capitalize on your in-house talent for building a ready workforce.
  • How to calculate future earnings of your talent for advanced manufacturing.
  • How to leverage your in-house talent for more market share, profit and lean success.
  • How to qualify your Subject-Matter-Experts and/or Trainers for workforce development.

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