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Dinner Meeting – An Evening with Gerry Dick

We received the following email regarding the December joint IAPS meeting:

Due to an unfortunate scheduling issue, Gerry Dick IS NOT available on 12/11; accordingly we are CANCELLING the joint IAPS meeting. Please inform your members (UXPA team – if we could share this news in any post-WUD e-mail, it would be helpful since we spent the time to promote the IAPS meeting at the conference).

To my knowledge, APICS will still hold it’s December meeting as per usual on the 11th and will be engaging a different speaker. If you are an IAPS member not already affiliated with APICS and interested in attending, please reach out to the APICS leadership team. While it will not be a full, joint IAPS event, I am sure it will still be of much value to our community.

We will look into what happened this year so we can hopefully avoid another scheduling challenge and bring back Gerry Dick’s hugely popular talk in 2015.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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