Executive Committee


Luke StarkI spent 8.5 years learning about quality systems while working as a consultant (project manager, validation, auditing, etc) in the realm of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, and life sciences. I spent a year working as a quality engineer for a dietary supplement manufacturer getting to explore hands on experience with preventive maintenance, RO water systems, and other day-to-day activities. I’m currently working in medical device development as a quality representative.

Vice Chair

David BrewsterOver the years I have worked in many different roles including Quality, Design Eng, Project Mng, Program Mng and Concept dev for products for the retail or commercial market. This helps me understand the needs of the major stakeholders in an organization which aids in crafting quality plans as well as making decisions that help a company overall. Most of my quality experience is aimed at product development and introducing it into manufacturing as well as working with the customer on issues. All of these roles have taken me around the world to work with a very diverse multicultural and many cross functional teams which has been a very rewarding experience.


Andrew PriceI am a results-driven IT planning expert who enjoys the rigor of analyzing and improving an organization’s value stream. Electrical Engineer with an MBA in Finance.

Recognized as collaborative problem solver for improving operations. Strength in improvement methodologies, workflow automation, and training. Known as competent change agent who leverages budgeting, forecasting, prioritization and measurement activities. Proficient in creating and enhancing functional areas throughout value stream. Identified as a strategic-minded team leader with deep program and project management experience. Skillful at delivering large and complex projects critical to the success of the organization. Grounded in integrity and optimism.


Kevin LargentI served 14 years on active duty in the US Marines; and retired from Indiana Army National Guard in 2001. I hold a dual major bachelors; Mathematics and Sociology; IU class of 2001. I am a Senior Member of ASQ: I earned my CQE and CQT in 2004; and my CQA in 2005. My wife Reyna is from Nicaragua: we have no kids. My business card says “Quality Systems Engineer” for The Phoenix Group: it’s a small company; I get involved in a little bit of everything. I got involved with the 0903 SLC secretary because I figured it’s time I gave something back to ASQ.


Senior Advisors:

Richard Van Doel

Jim Grimes

Holly Couch

We are part of the ASQ Region 9.