Section Metrics

Critical Section Metrics

Yearly Total Membership

Total membership by fiscal year

Yearly Total Membership Chart

Yearly Total Membership


New and Non-Renewing Members by Fiscal Year

Yearly New and Non-Renewing Members Chart

Yearly New and Non-Renewing Members


Net Membership Change by Fiscal Year

Yearly Net Membership Change Chart

Yearly Net Membership Change


Member Satisfaction Survey Results

Results of the semi-annual member satisfaction results. This is the number of respondents who report being either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with the section.

Member Satisfaction Survey Results Chart

Member Satisfaction Survey Results


Meeting Satisfaction Survey

The results of the meeting satisfaction survey usually taken at every meeting (other than joint sessions with other societies).

Meeting Satisfaction Survey Results Chart

Meeting Satisfaction Survey Results


Monthly Membership Totals

Count of members by month



New and Non-Renewing Members by Month

Count of new members joining and members not renewing membership by month.



Monthly General Meeting Attendance

Number of people attending monthly dinner meetings (normally held the second Tuesday of each month except January and July.)



First-Year Member Retention

Of members who reached the end of their first year of ASQ membership in the previous six months, this is the percentage who renewed their membership. Due to the fact that some members renew in the six month grace period following the end of their term, this metric slightly underestimates the actual first-year retention rate. Due to the fact that it incorporates data for the full six month grace period, it is effectively a six month rolling average.



New results will be reported as they become available.