Claude E Adair Award

This award may be presented to an outstanding member of the Indianapolis Section of the American Society for Quality who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Indianapolis Section, has reflected honor on the Indianapolis Section, and is respected by his fellow members as being of professional caliber.

This award is to be made only upon unanimous approval of the Executive Committee of the Indianapolis Section and will ordinarily be awarded at the awards meeting, or may be awarded on a special occasion.

This award is to be made in the form of a plaque, the design of which has been approved by the Executive Committee.

This award is in honor of the late Claude E. Adair, 11th Executive-Chairman, Indianapolis Section; who had previously been faithful as Vice Executive-Chairman, Treasurer and Committee Chairman; and who dedicated himself to the furtherance of the American Society for Quality and its stated purposes and principles and specifically to the advancement of the Indianapolis Section. He met his untimely death on April 1, 1956 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in an airplane tragedy, traveling to carry out his duties as a Quality Control Engineer for the Western Electric Company.

Adair Award Winners

    • 2013 Tammy Jones
    • 2011 Richard Van Doel
    • 2010 Garth Smitman
    • 2007 Jesse Berman
    • 2005 Terry Osburn
    • 2004 Tom Pearson
    • 2003 Joe Lucas
    • 2002 Tom Pearson
    • 1999 Dan Bridget
    • 1998 Tim Clark
    • 1997 Pat Jerrell, Ron Moore
    • 1996 James A Grimes, Thomas L McLarty
    • 1995 Dorothy Shook, Paul Young, John Murphy
    • 1994 Paul Young
    • 1993 Dorothy Shook
    • 1992 Charles McDonald
    • 1991 John Murphy
    • 1990 Robert Deck
    • 1989 Bob Phillips
    • 1987 Bill Mayfield
    • 1985 Bob Lake, Dick Coy
    • 1984 Sam Neuerman, Steve Wilson
    • 1981 Bill Hutchinson
    • 1980 Art Dye
    • 1977 Donald Cheak
    • 1976 George Blackburn
    • 1973 Charles McDowell
    • 1971 Chet Long
    • 1969 Mel Handerson
    • 1965 John Waldner
    • 1964 George Blackburn, George McDermott
    • 1963 Henry Jacobson
    • 1962 Tom Turner
    • 1959 Irving Burr
    • 1958 Art Bender