Indy ASQ 2017 Webinar: Statistical Process Control Fundamentals

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Date/Time: Wed, July 26, 2017, 12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M. EDT

Location: NA – This is a webinar. You will be sent a log in link and instructions the night before the event.

Description: Statistical Process Control Fundamentals

Have you heard of Statistical Process Control (SPC) but have no idea of how it works or what it does? Would you like to get a basic introduction without investing several hours in a full blown SPC course? Are you just interested in seeing how to use the tool, not being immersed in the theory behind it? If so, this webinar is for you.

Statistical Process Control is one of the “Basic Seven” quality tools. It is sometimes referred to as “Control Charts”, or even “Shewhart Charts”, after Walter Shewhart who initially described the technique while working at Western Electric Company. While SPC depends on statistical theory for its operation, it can be, and frequently is, applied with nothing more sophisticated than a piece of graph paper and a four-function calculator. This 90 minute webinar, “Statistical Process Control Fundamentals” provides a brief, painless and uncomplicated introduction to how SPC works and how it is used to improve processes. No statistical theory. No advanced math. Just the bare essentials.

Speaker: Harry Rowe

Harry Rowe spent almost forty years working for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company, with assignments in Engineering and Construction, Computer Systems, R&D, Quality, and Product Development in businesses ranging from alumina refining and aluminum smelting to aluminum and plastic packaging to custom engineer-to-order machinery. After retiring, he founded Rowe Quality Services, hoping to help small and medium businesses improve their bottom lines by improving product and service quality and process performance. He has served as the Voice of the Customer Chair for ASQ Section 0903 in Indianapolis since 2011. He was a member of ASQ’s Voice of the Customer Committee from January 2013 and its Chair from January 2015 until stepping down from the Committee in August 2016. He is an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. Harry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He resides in Indianapolis with his wife Susie.