Congratulations to Bud Newton 2017 SAC Chair

Congratulations to Bud Newton, the Region 9 Director who is the 2017 Section Affairs Committee Chair.  In ASQ’s announcement, Bud provided the following information on what he hopes to accomplish during his time in office:

SAC Chair Bud Newton

I see ASQ as the ‘go-to’ spot for all things Quality. The networking opportunities are key to individuals being able to enhance learning and re-energize the ‘Quality’ batteries. I’m excited to see the continued focus on expanding to a global base as this is critical to growth, retention, and sustainability. We continue to focus on the value of the ASQ membership experience as well as the value of our members to the communities we serve. Personal engagement in the many ASQ Quality Body of Knowledge offerings, as well as the many opportunities to serve in leadership positions, have been extremely beneficial. This, along with excellent coaching and mentoring from past member leaders, has greatly aided my personal growth and leadership skill set. Regarding the Section Affairs Council (SAC), we need to continue to focus on clear definition and continuous improvement of the many processes that support our sections, member leaders, our members and the communities we serve. Additionally, SAC will be focusing on optimizing alignment of effort and resources with all ASQ communities to be sure we are best supporting our regional directors and member leaders to do the very important work of strengthening our sections and serving our communities.